About Me

Hi,  my name is Yrama and I was born in Venezuela.

Since I was little I always wanted to travel, I looked at magazines, I cut out travel ads, I made up trips. When I turned 18,  I started to travel intensely, almost always alone, I wanted to see everything.

I decided to start this blog when I reached 150 countries, my goal is not to see all the countries, in fact I have repeated many of them. what I want is to see all the special places in the world.

I want to tell you my experiences and anecdotes, of the most important trips I've made and my new trips. I've been to the most remote places on the planet, visited shocking tribes, witnessed spectacular natural phenomena, special encounters with wildlife. They are my stories that I hope you can use them as an inspiration or to plan your own trips.

I love expeditions, but I also love art and history. Among my hobbies is photography, reading, flying (I am a private pilot of small planes) and of course traveling.

In recent years I have had significant health problems, but that has not stopped my travels. I still dream big. I love my life!

Do you want to join me and dream big with me?

Places I have been


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