The Indian, who has not dreamed of visiting it. India is a very large and diverse country with many things to see and do, but most of the people who visit it follow the same route through the cities that have developed more in the tourism sector, however there are many places more
important from the historical and artistic point of view and even more beautiful that are not promoted to tourists like (in my personal opinion) the caves of Ajanta. I went to visit them, and it was a privilege to just contemplate this original Buddhist art caves,   and I was lucky enough to see a large number of Tibetan Buddhists who were on a pilgrimage in the caves.

The place consists of 29 caves created by man in a mountain, with paintings rupestes, frescoes and shrines inside dedicated to Buddha. The first of them are from the second century, a very beautiful artistic work. I enjoyed it immensely. I admire the Buddhists very much, I was so lucky to get to see the pilgrimage, their devotion, their dedication and the depth they reach when they are in meditation. I am a Catholic but I recognize that every time I am in this type of places, especially with such a spiritual people I feel very different and moved, I feel a glance of spiritual and human upgrade.

I spent half a day visiting the caves and I stayed in Aurangabad overnight, when I returned to my hotel I felt very peaceful, calm and enchanted with the art I had seen.

The caves are part of the UNESCO world heritage site and I feel that they should be more promoted. They deserve it.