There is not an animal in the world more tender than a Panda bear, especially babies, I think it is an animal that everyone likes, but especially the Asians love it, and the Chinese simply adore them.

Unfortunately it is an endangered animal, there are less than 2,000 pandas, and they are extremely protected by the Chinese government.

In the city of Chengdu in the (spicy) province of Sichuan, the Chinese government created the panda reserve called Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.I slept in the super-populated city of Chengdu and in the morning after a western non spicy breakfast, I grabbed a taxi to take me to the reserve. The park is a small hill where you walk uphill. There are areas on both sides of the hill very well marked, where you can go contemplate the panda bears of differents ages. In some of the areas they have the type of playground you would find at a children’s park. The babies never stop playing and doing tricks, the older ones are very heavy and calm and they are eating bamboo most of the time.
I also saw the “red pandas” for the first time in the park. They are not bears. I walked to the top of the park, where the maternity and breeding area is. You have to make a line to enter and meet with the baby pandas. You must clean your hands with a disinfectant and they also give you appropriate clothing. I was lucky they let me carry them, hug them and feed them when I visited. Nowadays is no longer allowed.

It was like carrying a baby, something bigger, heavier and hairy.

But a pleasure.

Now you are only allowed to sit next to them and with luck they would hold your leg for balance.

Anyways it is a unique experience. They are and will be the most tender animal of the world and when visiting them you will also contribute to their preservation.

It was a privilege being able to carry, feed, caress and kiss a Panda bear.

Absolute fan!