The Capital of Adventure in the world… nobody deserves that tittle more than Queenstown (South Island of New Zealand). Both in summer and in winter it is a city with a wide range of adventure activities.

With Lake Wakatipu and the mountains that surround it, it is beautiful, although it has a somewhat complicated climate since it is one latitude far to the south. I went in summer (December) and I was very lucky with the weather, sunny days and cool nights, but the weather can be tricky.

The center of the city is full of places to eat, packed with young people and places where you can purchase activities or walks of different types; by horse, bicycles, hiking, sports etc. And you can also get good deals for combo activities.

Also, Queenstown is the base to visit Milford Sound, which I also visited but today I would like to share my newest adventures.

I had to choose and I decided on the things I had never done before.

  1. Bungy jumping: there are offers to make different jumps of different heights, but I preferred the original one where Bungy started on the bridge of Kawarau. Based on the jumps of the aborigines of the island of Vanuatu, A man from New Zeland was inspired a few years ago by this activity of launching from bridges and thus everything began, in this bridge of 43 meters high (today it is no longer considered very high).It is still a special place because it was the first. It takes about an hour and a half from the city by car.The truth is that I had nothing to think about, I was sure I could jump! They gave me a choice of if I wanted my head to go in the water, but the water is freezing and my hair takes time to dry and I did not want to get sick. The jump was great, I did it once and I loved it and I found the rebounds quite smooth, in fact it looks worse seeing it than how it really feels. This has to be done at least once in a lifetime.
  2. Jet boat: Also close to Queenstown there is the Shotover canyon:  just  spectacular! It was the first time that I rode these types of boats, recently the dukes of Cambridge William and Kate, were in this same place doing this same activity. The boats seem to fly without touching the water and they can go 360 degrees on themselves. I admit I was a little scared of how fast the pilot was driving and how close to the walls of the canyon we passed by, but in the drama is the fun, I have seen these types of boats in other places like the bay of Sydney, but this place makes it really special, so narrow, by the forms and by the beauty of the landscape. 100% recommendable And finally.
  3.  Parachute jump. Although for many years I was linked to the world of small planes, I had never tried parachuting myself; I do not consider it completely an adventure, because I did not do it alone, I did it in tandem, tied to an expert so the work really was his. This was also a new experience for me, from the place where we  jumped you could contemplate the beauty of the city of Queenstown in full, but to be honest, I did not love it, I think I would have liked it more if I had done it by myself.

If you like adrenaline and a young and adventurous atmosphere, Queenstown is the place!!!