Antelope Canyon

Page Arizona

Page, Arizona

Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona is one of the most photographed places in USA. That’s right.

Page is a pretty small city but with many things to see and do as Lake Powell, the dam of Glen Canyon, the famous view of “Horseshoe Bend” of the Colorado River, but the most special is without a doubt “Antelope Canyon”.

It belongs to a reserve of Navajo Indians, and they are in charge of managing the place. Being so popular I had been recommended to book in advance on their website, I wrote to them because I wanted to know at what time I could photograph with sunbeams inside the canyon, they answered that at 1 pm and of course that was the time which I chose.

I asked the address to see the “horseshoe bend” and they answered me after Walmart, and the office of the Navajo Indians next to Pizza Hut, impossible to get lost, haha.

I arrived at noon at the office and thank goodness I had booked, all the places of the day were full and there were people waiting (it was the time of Spring Break). the time came and an Indian came to me, very nice and we all went to his truck. The road to the canyon is super dusty, I was worried about my camera.

There are two types of tour one short and one that call for photographers that is longer, but it is very well organized and you have time in the short of taking pictures inside the canyon and without people.

The canyon is a delight for anyone who likes photography, the forms that water erosion has left, make it very special, I am delighted taking pictures when the Indian approached me and told me to move towards the end, it was time light beams entering, lasts only a few seconds, but mission achieved, to my surprise when we left again calls me the guide and another light beam, this time more inclined and just at the exit, I happy and more than grateful.

If you want to go Page is located in the north of the US state of Arizona, very close to the border with Utah. Would you like to go?