the tribe of clay dishes in the mouth

The Mursi tribe, is an Ethiopian tribe very famous for its clay rings in the mouth, I will tell you my experience when visiting them

Ethiopia, is a country with incredible tourist potential; with many things to see and do.

My list of things I wanted to see in Ethiopia was long, from the churches of Lalibela, the Simeon mountains, the ruins of Axum (where the Queen of Sheba was) and of course visiting the tribes in the south of the country in the area of Omo

From Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia) you have to catch a flight to the south to the city of Jinka; It is a somewhat disastrous flight because the airline does not guarantee that you fly, even if this flight is reconfirmed; I had  problems on the way back. You can imagine I had many questions in my head, I do not know if it is very safe for a woman alone, as the hotel will be. and the food.

Arriving in Jinka everything began to clear up, the hotel was very simple, but very clean, the food very simple, good , and as Ethiopia was an Italian colony, pasta and pizza are everywhere, and they are really good because the taste of the Ethiopian tomato It is the best I have ever tasted. Dessert and sweet was always the same “papaya” that is the only fruit that I do not like, but there was no problem, I had with me my “Nutela”.

Excited the next day I woke up very early, the guide had told me that the road was very bad and that we should arrive early, because this tribe, they drink a lot and that in the afternoon they might not be in good condition.

In the Omo Valley there are around 9,000 different tribes, but the Mursi are the most famous for how their look.

That area of ​​Ethiopia is quite arid, and when we were arriving, two black men, tall, naked, came out on the road with 2 kalashnikovs. The guide told me not to worry that it was just a toll, he left, I talked to them and gave him some tickets, I took pictures from the car.

Finally we reached the Mursi village, an extremely simple place in the middle of nowhere, there were about 50. The truth is that they were not friendly, several came up to the vehicle to see who we were and how many, I do not think they liked it was very much I just a single person, because they want you to pay them to take pictures, and that car only had one client.

I saw that several were drugged, had dilated pupils and eyes quartered, but everyone contributed, they were not nice but they helped answer my questions and they allowed themselves to take pictures, and some already had their poses learned.

It is shocking to see how primitive some human beings live, but in places like this you see the base of man, and  how everything is the same. It is a great learning. Would you like to meet them?