Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca


A little over two years ago, another tourist route opened from Cusco-Peru, and immediately became a hit on Instagram.

The rainbow mountain , or its real name Vinicunca mountain o “ montaña de colores “.

On my last trip to Peru a few months ago I wanted to visit it; I love Peru and  I lived there for a few months and I have very dear friends who live in Lima.

To be honest I was a little worried, I do not like climbing mountains, and this is quite high 5,200 meters. , which makes it somewhat more difficult because of the lack of oxygen, but I had to see it. From Cusco take a shared tour that leaves very early (4am) to the area, I woke up , drank a coca tea for the altitude, and I was ready .

I knew I had to be beautiful, I love the Altiplano (high altitude area between Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina), and I have visited it several times, for me it is one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth, and it has many mountains that due to having many minerals, they are colored. What I was not sure was how this mountain really looked in person, because all published pictures generally abuse in Photoshop.

But Vinicunca is very special,maybe  its shape makes it special, the ascent path is very beautiful and from it you can see  Ausangate mountain , which is the fifth largest mountain in Peru with more than 6,000 high, and the highest of all the region around Cusco.

The only thing they  had to be careful , when I arrived it was very crowded, I know it’s a new attraction, but it’s nature and you have to take care of it. Maybe control the amount of people who can visit in a day.

I was very excited when I reached the top, although you could climb 100 meters more on the mountain in front to have a more panoramic view, but I could not go any further and It was very crowded.

Peru is one of those destinations that never end, you need a lot of time to see it and it always surprises you with something new and beautiful. I hope I come back many times more, I love Peruvian food, and I love visiting my friends who live in Lima.

Here some of my pictures  (without photoshop), both the mountain and the road, and also my face of happiness.