Tatio Geysers


The Latin geysers

I have visited Chile several times, and they have always been happy trips and in love with their landscapes, I consider it one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Near the Atacama desert is Tatio, where there are some small Geyser, it is a high geothermal area that shares with the south of Bolivia.

Tatio comes from the Quechua and means oven, it is recommended to visit them early in the morning so that with the sun rise  they look more spectacular, the only thing that at dawn is very cold because the altitude of 4,200 meters high.

I was not very well dressed for the temperature , before the sun rise was -20 degrees Celsius -4 degrees Farenhei. It was frozen! , then the temperature rose and it became something more pleasant. But I was as close as possible to the geysers to warm up.

The landscape arriving is wonderful, like all the highlands, it is dry, but beautiful, and when you reach the Tatio area, the landscape becomes surreal, as if you were on the moon. There are also Vicuñas,an  andean animal so appreciated and protected.

There was also the opportunity to bathe in the place, I did not bathe exactly there, but in some water holes that were a few kilometers away and that were more private.

In the world there are 5 places with Geysers, in Yellowstone (USA). in Kanchatka (Russia) in Rotorua (N. Zealand) in Iceland and this area of ​​the Tatio in Chile, that of the same group there are some very small ones in Bolivia.

I have been lucky to have seen all of them , the most important and the most beautiful is Yellowstone, in my opinion the second most beautiful is Tatio, for the special height, for the field where it is (surreal) for the fauna and flora of the Plateau.

After visiting them, a good breakfast, a bath in the hot springs, and back to the hotel in the Atacama desert. Happy again, mission accomplished.

Have you visited any of the areas with Geysers in the world?