When I was a girl, I read a story in a magazine about Namibia, that desert images stayed in my mind for years, I always knew that one day I would go visit.

Sossuvlei is very famous for being the place with the highest dunes in the world (up to 300 meters), the red color of its sand and the area of ​​Deadvlei where there is a group of petrified trees that are very photogenic.

Namibia is almost an entire desert, but when it comes to tourism in the Namibian desert, people talk about the Naukluft National Park and inside the Sossusvlei area. The largest accommodation offer is located around this area. In the lodge where I stayed I organized a walk and literally dawned at the entrance of the park, I wanted to be the first to arrive to go straight to the end where the Deadvlei area is to take pictures with nice good light, no crowd  and a tolerable climate. Just what I got!

After taking some pictures I started to walk through the park from end to beginning. There was more wildlife than I expected to see, birds that came to eat the leftovers of my breakfast, insects and some beautiful and majestic Orix. There was one in the top of a dune with nothing but sand around it like a king dominating everything. This place and in general Namibia is one of the driest places on the planet, so drinking lots of water and hydrating is a must, for that reason, an ideal place to watch the sky at night, see the Milky Way and count countless stars. That was my plan at night, wonderful.

The next day driving a Quad of  ​​the Lodge and I could see the famous and inexplicable circles that are formed in the Namibian desert. They are pretty
interesting and its geometry form a special landscape.

It was very fun and I was very happy with my photos. Mission accomplished, dream come true.