Whale Shark


The whale shark is the largest fish in the world.

and of course I wanted to swim with them

I had tried unsuccessfully a few years ago in Placencia, Belize. This time I had to be sure I would see them. And I had it easy and close. Mexico.

In the season from June to August the area between Isla Mujeres and Holbox in the Yucatan Peninsula is full of whale sharks. So they almost guarantee that if you go you can swim with them or your money back.

I stayed  in a hotel in the area of ​​Playa del Carmen. In all the hotels in the area they offer tours to swim with the whale sharks. They looked for me early since the departure was from the city of Cancún itself, they gave us some basic instructions and surf in the area in front of the Isla Mujeres.

After almost an hour of navigation a group of boats stopped indicating that we were already in the place, and there was a group of whale sharks. We organized in three groups of 3 people each, to swim only 3 people at a time.

It was my turn and the water, the first thing that impressed me was how calm and slow they are despite their size. You can be as close as you want, after a few minutes the whaleshark  left and we had to climb back to the boat.

In the second time of my encounter I was between two fishes , but I had not realized it and when I was swimming I hit the other one and it was so close that I took a close up  picture with my go-pro that today is one of my favorite .

There are  slow and almost dumb  but when they open their mouths and you are next to them “ impress “ , because I fit perfectly into it, that’s when you have to remember that I do not eat meat and the only thing they feed on is planton and very small fish and crustaceans.

I had a  third and last opportunity to swim with them and sail again, now in the direction of Isla Mujeres for lunch and a swim in the spectacular beaches of this area.

Mexico always giving me special experiences, always thinking about going back and discovering more, someone else signing up?