Zero Gravity

My big dream fly to space !!!!

for now training, ha ha.

Who does not want to go to the space, I think it is the dream of the human being to leave Earth orbit, it is not long for commercial flights to go out, but for now an alternative where you can feel  “not having gravity”, are the zero gravity flights.

I feel like a 5-year-old girl who loves to be lifted, lowered and spun around. And I love flying. So this was perfect for me.

The feeling of losing the gravity it is the same thing you feel when you fall on a roller coaster or a strong descent on a plane , but prolonged in time, is something that your mind know , but what I really liked and it is a new feeling was to move in zero gravity. You are floating, you can not walk and if you want to move I  have  to focus my mind to told my body where to go, The best !!!

When we strated ,I took it easy  , follow the recomedations , your body has to get used if you could not get sick,

the first time just float and so little by little, the next to turn upside down, then spin around yourself, eat M & M’s that float, throw balls and finally drink water that floats.

All the sensations I loved, my favorite was to take the floating water but when we left gravity 0, of course the floor got wet, that’s why it’s the last one.

The plane is a normal plane that is adapted with walls, floor and ceiling padded, and with the windows covered so that you lose the prespective, a point that you no longer know if you are going up or down or where you are, you think that You are standing and you are really face down. Before starting the flight you are divided into groups by the color of the socks (mine were the silver ones), the plane has no seat so you lie down in the part assigned to your color.

To lose gravity is a flight that is making parabolic figures, going up almost perpendicular and then throwing itself into the emptiness , and do that  consecutively.

That made a couple of people feel dizzy and sick to their stomach, so they were immediately removed.

They warn you seconds before leaving the zero gravity so that you go back to lie down on the floor, because then it happens the opposite and to feel that you do not weigh anything, I started to feel that you have a very big weight in your chest.

These flights are part of the training that the austronauts do to go to space, they are made in different cities of the United States, I did it in the time they were in the state of Florida.

They give you the same suit used by the austronauts in their training and when you get off the captain of the plane truns the plastic name tag  ( before was upside down ) and now you are  graduated in zero gravity. The next is  the space.

Is someone getting ready to go?